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If you would like to book a course (or find out more information) then please call us on 02034 189717 or email enquiries@aliumcaretraining.co.uk

Alium Care Training aims to provide the very best service to Clients and potential learners and has developed a clear complaints procedure to ensure that complaints are dealt with as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our complaints procedure demonstrates the way in which complaints should be reported, and how clients and potential learners can expect complaints to be handled.
Alium is committed to providing the best service possible and we are constantly working to improve our policies as part of our quality review. If you have any comments about this procedure then please contact us by e-mail at enquiries@aliumcaretraining.co.uk


Firstly, always try to sort out the complaint with the relevant person. If it is with a fellow learner then ask your tutor or manager for guidance and they will be able to assist you. If you have a complaint relating to your tutor then you should contact enquiries@aliumcaretraining.co.uk and give details of the complaint.


If your complaint cannot be dealt with by e-mail or you wish to make a formal complaint then Alium Care Training Ltd will issue you with a complaint form.

Completion of Complaint Forms

Complaint forms can be requested via e-mail or phone.

Complaint by Letter

All letters of complaint should be sent to the following address at the following address:

The Director, Alium Care Training Ltd, 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

If making a written complaint, it would be helpful if you give as much information as possible (including personal details) and include steps that you have taken in pursuing your complaint, mention any discussions that you have already had about the matter, attach copies of any earlier correspondence, and state clearly what remedy, if any, you are seeking.

Complaint by Telephone

We will answer any questions about the complaint process and take the details of the complaint. If contact cannot be made by telephone it is advised that the Client/learner follows one of the alternative methods.


On receipt of your complaint, Alium will contact the most appropriate senior member of staff and an investigation will take place. The staff member investigating the complaint will contact you as soon as their investigation is complete. This would normally be within 10 working days but can sometimes take longer. If at any time, however, you would like information concerning the investigation you may contact Alium directly via the website.

Wherever possible you will be contacted by telephone with the results of the investigation into your complaint. At this time you will be asked whether you are satisfied with the outcome and will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the investigation. If you are satisfied with the outcome the complaint will be closed.

If you are not content with the outcome you may wish to appeal against the judgement, in which case please follow the Appeals procedure set out in the handbook.