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“One of my Team recently attended Alium Care Training’s ‘Skills for Care Lead to Succeed Programme’.  I just wanted to say how impactful the programme has been.  There is clear evidence of a significant boost in her strategic thinking. She was clearly inspired with the course content and delivery style.  Following the course, this person has produced a business plan for a new business project and has subsequently been seconded into a more senior role leading that project. I am happy to recommend the Alium Care Training and indeed we have booked a further 3 places onto this programme.”    Jon Stanley, Chief Operations Officer, CHD Living


    1. Register and / or make sure your ASC – WDS records are fully up to date via their website: Should you need our support to do this then contact us on or call us on 0203 4189717
    2. Print off the one page WDS report as confirmation of your compliance.
    3. Select preferred dates, book and pay for your ‘Skills for Care Fully Funded Programmes’ via the Alium Care Training website –
    4. Register your business and above booked courses with a WDS partnership as costs of the programmes will be refunded to you directly via your selected WDS partnership. If you need support with this then please contact us.
    5. Certificates of attendance will be forwarded from Alium Care Training to the allocated individual that was originally identified on the booking form, once the programme has been fully completed.

Latest Reviews

Just wanted to say that I have been a manger for over a year but have struggled with some aspects of this, over the duration of the 3 day course I now feel more confident as a professional and personally. I have committed to stopping negative self-talk and to adopting a no-blame approach to managing individuals, setting up supervisions and addressing concerns with staff members. I thought that the information was presented in a meaningful and memorable way, encouraging participation from all candidates. I found the small break out groups really enlightening and will now take these methods back to inform my practice. I will definitely sign up for further training.

- Caroline Waller, Brighton and Hove Council

Latest Reviews

I found it particularly good to understand the reasons why supervisions are important. I have never held a supervision so wasn’t sure what was involved. The supervisions I have had previously have pretty much been a tick the box exercise so I feel after doing this session I will be able to go a lot more in depth and have a better outcome. Also, I found the staff engagement content of real benefit, and will be using this going forwards some examples used were fantastic - I would never had thought of them.

- Amy McGrath, Crossroads Care

Latest Reviews

This session was valuable to me as I am new to this subject and, as I will now be doing supervisions, I can apply this session in practical, more impactful and outcome focused way.

- Mamta Virdi, Crossroads Care

Latest Reviews

The course was informative and interactive. The extra information provided will help me when I refer to them at a later stage. Thanks

- Teresa Maredza, Crossroads Care

Latest Reviews

This course has helped both Rowena and myself understand much more of the other side of supervisions and appraisals and understand the managers roles and responsibilities to themselves and most importantly the staff and clients. By having this understanding we both feel that we can greater support both mangers in their day to day work, so thank you!

- Rowena Pollington and Megan Jackson, Sussex Housing and Care

Latest Reviews

The whole training was insightful and helpful. Helping me improve my leadership skills. Also learning how your positive language can help with supervisions. Learning about change management was very interesting. Thank you for your help with the practical elements of the challenges I face at work , now I can use all my new skills to the fullest, and better support my team! .

Sangita made the training easy to follow. It helped me realise how language and the way the message is delivered can impact the way someone receives the information during supervisions. I feel I can better support my team now.

- Marc Deadman, Beritaz Care

Latest Reviews

Sangita.. you did a great job of leading by example during our session. I used to be someone who jumped to conclusions but, by providing the example structure, it provided me direction so that I can be a better leader in the future.

- Athira Anand, Banstead Manor Care

Latest Reviews

Thank you for the in-depth support that the team at Alium provided us with. The delegates I’ve spoken to inform me that the session was Excellent. Being new to the UK and new to the roles can be a real challenge for them, so thanks to your team, they now understand how legislation like the Mental Capacity Act applies in the UK and the requirements of the Equality Act, both areas that differ in other parts of the world.

We also appreciate the trainers who were very patient with the new staff and understanding of their situations relating to technical issues. We could also feel a mutual respect between the staff and the trainers, this enabled them to be more engaged during the course and eager to learn.

I can confirm that everyone was delighted with the knowledge and understanding they gained from the course. Especially their approach when dealing with the clients in the UK and the practices they need to use in order to provide care that is acceptable with the UK law and culture.

hank you to the team, at Alium, your efforts are much appreciated.

- Bernadette Charehwa, Managing Director, Woodleigh Health Care

Latest Reviews

The Trainers at Alium always explain the information very well and always make you feel comfortable in the learning environment. use the time given well to go over information and use of their own resources and slides are very helpful, very good manners and is extremely polite and kind.

- Maonei Beckerson, Woodleigh Health Care


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