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Hi The Team at Alium, as part of my learnings from the Leadership and Management programme I thought I’d feedback on my learnings through a poem, as below

A Feedback Poem
I've learned to delegate with care, to trust my team and show them I'm there. To manage conflict with open mind, and seek solutions that all can find.
I've learned to set smart goals with ease, to focus on what matters and to please. My style of leadership is strong and fair, I lead with empathy and always care.
I understand the importance of emotional intelligence, in creating a workplace culture that's positive and resilient. Managing performance with a steady hand, guiding my team to reach their planned land.
Through the stages of forming, storming, norming, and performing, I navigate with patience and understanding. Formal supervision is a necessary tool, to keep my team working like a well-oiled machine, cool.
I respect professional boundaries, and practice active listening with sincerity. Assertiveness is key in leading change, to make sure all voices are heard, not just a range.
With SWOT analysis as my guide, I navigate challenges with a steady stride. I am a leader, strong and true, empowering my team to reach their goals anew.

- Sarah Thackray, The Bridge Care, Leadership and management Reflection poem"


I found Alium leadership courses to be very insightful and one of the most practical, useful and challenging that I have ever taken part in. The material was delivered by you with a remarkable high level of passion and enthusiasm. You took the time to make sure we all ‘got it’!

- Mario Serzysko, Manager, Drs Care Ltd


Thank you very much for your time and efforts in presenting course content to us today. I really enjoyed the course and interactive collaboration with you and participants.

The course was presented in enthusiastic way. Content was related to subject which was great.

Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions, and talk about real performance management examples. Sangita you were wonderful presenter, I will highly recommend you and the course to others.

Really enjoyable and informative course with reflective and meaningful collaborations. Huge thank you and well done.

- Sylwia Indycka, Registered Manager, Birtley House / (Manchester South)


Many thanks for running the Performance Management course. For a deputy service manager this has been a valuable piece of training, to help support my fellow colleagues with smart targets and evidencing them meeting targets and creating opportunities for reflection on performance. I particularly liked the section on demotivators and motivators. I had not previously heard of this and found it a valuable resource for understanding and empathising with why some staff struggle and are seen to under-perform. I will be using this within the training of my senior staff so they can also implement these ideas into our service to create a better 'well-led' service for staff and residents.

Many thanks

- Katy Budd, Deputy House Manager, Cedar View and The Cottages, The Meath


Thank you for the in-depth support that the team at Alium provided us with. The delegates I’ve spoken to inform me that the session was Excellent. Being new to the UK and new to the roles can be a real challenge for them, so thanks to your team, they now understand how legislation like the Mental Capacity Act applies in the UK and the requirements of the Equality Act, both areas that differ in other parts of the world.

We also appreciate the trainers who were very patient with the new staff and understanding of their situations relating to technical issues. We could also feel a mutual respect between the staff and the trainers, this enabled them to be more engaged during the course and eager to learn.

I can confirm that everyone was delighted with the knowledge and understanding they gained from the course. Especially their approach when dealing with the clients in the UK and the practices they need to use in order to provide care that is acceptable with the UK law and culture.

hank you to the team, at Alium, your efforts are much appreciated.

- Bernadette Charehwa, Managing Director, Woodleigh Health Care


The Trainers at Alium always explain the information very well and always make you feel comfortable in the learning environment. use the time given well to go over information and use of their own resources and slides are very helpful, very good manners and is extremely polite and kind.

- Maonei Beckerson, Woodleigh Health Care


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Following receipt of your CQC Inspection report, we can work with you to improve any identified areas that are categorised as requiring improvement or areas that are rated as inadequate. Our goal will be to help you to achieve ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ status. With our experience in Human Resources and Service & Performance improvement, we are confident that we can support you and your team to upgrade your CQC ratings by incorporating all areas of people management and development, including:-

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  • Carrying out investigations in the workplace
  • Conducting a disciplinary
  • Conducting a grievance
  • Motivation
  • Management and Leadership
  • Competence - Design and Application
  • Learning & Development
  • Staff Succession Planning

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