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I just want to pass on my appreciation following the courses that I’ve done in the last few months…

From my first enquiry over the phone I was pleased and impressed, you just exude excellence, efficiency, customer commitment and a high level of competence in all communication and all that you do…which is a bit of a rarity…it’s so nice to have that experience when looking for a service provider!

The courses were great, I imagine a course provider could just deliver and present the material but your passion and encouragement for us putting into practice what we learned and maximising the benefit to get the most out of it really came across. It was helpful how you emphasised for us to put our own action plans together to help achieve this. Your depth of knowledge and experience in the work you do with social care companies brings so much workplace practical application to all the theory.

Also, I just want to say I am very grateful for how you didn’t just write off our Lead to Succeed booking after our staff member started the course but then left. It was a very gracious gesture to keep the booking and accommodate me onto that course. So thank you.

“One of my Team recently attended Alium Care Training’s ‘Skills for Care Lead to Succeed Programme’.

I just wanted to say how impactful the programme has been.

There is clear evidence of a significant boost in her strategic thinking. She was clearly inspired with the course content and delivery style.  Following the course, this person has produced a business plan for a new business project and has subsequently been seconded into a more senior role leading that project.

I am happy to recommend the Alium Care Training and indeed we have booked a further 3 places onto this programme.”

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“Since working with Alium Care Training over the past four months I have been very impressed with your client-centred approach. Your response, to my enquiries for you to deliver two areas of training per month for the remainder of the year for Royal Star & Garter staff, was quick and efficient. You focused on my needs and fulfilled my requirements.

More recently, you have provided Royal Star & Garter with short notice online induction training for new staff, which is proving very successful.

In particular the content is clear, it is explained well and delivered in a way that makes it easy to understand. The pace and manner of delivery enables learners to quickly absorb the message, so as to feel confident of their knowledge gained and therefore better able to apply learnings in the work place.

Alium has also offered individualised tutor support to all our learners, should they require clarification on any content. I have no hesitation in recommending Alium Care Training as a health and social care training provider.”

“I have a positive working relationship with Alium and always found them helpful and easy to speak to about the staff and we benefitted from discussing any concerns or comments about the course at the time rather than ignoring them. For the staff at Russets I believe their practice has been greatly improved and their knowledge is definitely better than when I first met with them around expectations of their role and CQC regulations and Fundamental standards.

Staff have told me in supervision that they have reflected on their leadership style and learned a lot about themselves. They have changed their approach to situations/ issues and been more confident to challenge performance. They are also more positive in commenting on good practice and motivating the team. This is noticeable.  Senior staff are also more proactive when situations arise and will attempt to deal with problems and discuss solutions which has had a positive effect on the team as the senior are more cohesive and well informed. Communication is much better within the team and the seniors are more assertive now and will let me know how they have resolved a situation rather than expect me to.

They appear to have motivated the whole team!”

Caroline Berry, Portsmouth City Council
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“Due to Covid-19 I decided to make the decision to move our training from face to face to e-learning. After researching many different training providers and speaking with many different people, I came across Alium Care Training – who are a Skills for Care “Centre of Excellence”.
I had the pleasure of speaking to Sangita, the director of Alium, who has a wealth of knowledge about education in the Health and Social Care Sector.  Sangita went the extra mile by taking time to speak with me in depth about tailoring specific training to the service I manage.   Alium Care Training were kind enough to organise training outside of their working hours in order for my staff team to attend a session in the late evening. The content of the courses and the delivery was also exceptional! I would highly recommend Alium Care Training to others looking for a targeted approach to training and development of their staff team”
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I like your communication style and efficiency and your way of working is spot on for us, and so I’d rather just keep with one provider.  Julia  Nice, Bemix

and then…from learner:

” Just to let you know I’ve completed the four courses provided by Alium Training.  They were all very professionally delivered and clear. I’ve done lots of online training in recent years and they were definitely superior to most I’ve completed before”.  

“Sangita has helped improved my services from requiring improvement to good in all areas. Together we planned sessions for staff at a level of understanding for them that also met the needs of the business.

She has a unique way of training which ensures that staff want to learn which improves the support given to the people we work with, as well as improving team working – she always goes that extra mile. Nothing is too much trouble.

I have seen such a positive difference in my staff that I would be more than happy to work with Alium Care Training again.”

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“I have used the services of Alium Care Training for a while and their Team of Trainers are excellent, in what they do. They manage to get everyone involved and wanting to learn. Not only were they able to develop and design sessions to meet our specific staff needs, but they did so within such a short time – going out of their way to support my staff out of their normal hours, to fit in with our rotas. I thoroughly recommend Alium Care Training to anyone wanting a targetted service that makes a real difference.”
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“Alium’s Trainers are a pleasure to work with; a friendly service and point of contact. I initially used Alium provide our managers with KLOE training, which was superbly delivered and engaged all our staff. Alium is able to offer a large repertoire of training that is always tailored to the needs of Precious Homes Ltd; no compromises. With having a busy schedule, the flexibility on offer to help out and fit us in was second to none! Furthermore, not only is Alium Care Training good value for money but I would fully recommend them to anyone”.
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“I would like to thank you very much for your extremely informative interactive session on challenging behaviour. My Caring Team enjoyed it very much and found it very interesting. I have all cultures of people and many different levels of Carer and all of them came away having obtained a better understanding of the topics covered. Many staff do not really like participating in discussions, but they surprised themselves by actually getting involved with the discussions because you made them feel at ease with themselves. Everyone agreed it was so beneficial to our working environment and what the term Challenging Behaviour means. I feel all Nursing or Residential Homes would benefit from a session from Allium Care Training as you presented so well and the information you provide is excellent”.
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“Sangita has provided training around specific areas. We have been impressed by the high level of planning thta has gone into the preparation of the training. This has meant that the training itself is always successful and value for money. She is an excellent communicator who liaises well with the project managers in Field Lane – she is open in her responses and has been very good and positive to work with”.

“The “Lead to Succeed” and “Well Led”  Programmes, supported our leaders in developing their skills .  Alium Training got to know us as a company and specifically created bespoke exercises to support individual roles and responsibilities.  The workshops were engaging, interesting and motivated our leaders,  at a key time, to be more effective and work together to ensure we as a company deliver a well led service.

Alium Care’s passion for the quality of what they deliver was evident in the sessions and support given to us.

Anchor Hanover testimonial for Alium Care Training
“I looked for a training provider that not only had a very good E-Learning and face to face training programme but someone who understood the running of a care home and restraints we have when taking staff off the floor to do their training. Alium Care Training has provided me just that.  From the first phone call right through to the staff completing the training, the support and help from the team has been excellent. Nothing is too much for Alium Care Training.

As with all providers my team are not keen on E-Learning and caused anxiety at the thought of having to do it, however my team have fed back that the courses were not only detailed and helpful but they found it easy to do. Music to my ears as this means they don’t need all the encouragement and pushing to complete their mandatory training…. The face to face training is currently being done remotely due to Covid 19 but it has worked really well. The team are able to login and get a very good day of training – in some ways remote training has proved better with our team because they feel more comfortable engaging in their own surroundings.

All in all an excellent training provider, I am very impressed with their professional manner and organisation. I am now in discussions with their team about additional training for our services. Highly recommended”

“We recently commissioned Alium Care Training to deliver a number of bespoke courses for our Sheffield service, over a two day period. The feedback from staff was very positive, and they said that they found the sessions really helpful and the Trainer was flexible and made sure that everyone’s learning styles were accommodated – thus ensuring all the staff understood and were able to apply the learnings into the workplace.
We were impressed with how Alium Care Trainings flexibility to fit in with our service needs and the attention to detail was second to none. We would happily recommend Alium Care Training to anyone. ”

The moving and positioning Train the Trainer course has really helped me to develop as a trainer. It helped me identify that delivering training isn’t just about delivering the training using PowerPoint. It’s so much more than that! Sangita helped me recognise the importance of planning the training to ensure the content is suitable for the audience and ensuring the content enables the learners and me to meet the aims and objectives of the training. Being given all this knowledge and benefiting from Alium Training’s experience has helped me to grow professionally and boosted my confidence in delivering in house training. I would recommend for any new trainers or trainers who just want to ensure they are getting it right. The course moves at a steady pace and is suitable for office staff of all levels to attend.

An amazing training course, even though I am experienced as a trainer, the course still gave me a lot of new material. And the trainer was great too, very engaging and made sure that everyone understood the course content. Would highly recommend.

I found the course I attended from Alium care training very well delivered and very professional but relaxed at the same time. I was offered time to ask any questions and learn at my own pace. I would highly recommend this company for any care training

Dear Sangita 

I wanted to let you know that the leadership and management programmes your team have recently delivered to our staff team have been very well received and impactful. 

 We particularly appreciated the additional elements you included on ED&I and the importance of understanding the requirements of the Equality Act as well as embedding this as a normal part of our working practices.   Staff have reflected on their behaviours based on the requirements of our ED&I policy and often come up with suggestions for enhancing their working practices to keep this at the top of their agenda.  They see this as central part of their day-to-day role, which they didn’t previously. 

As an organisation we not only recruit a range of cross-cultural staff but we also have a community of residents from a range of cultures. The changes we have seen are that they are much more aware of the range of cultures within the team and the community of residents we support, and we have also seen improved resident experiences. 

For example, we had a resident who was born and raised up in India and her family highlighted the importance of continuing with her culture since being moved to the care home. We incorporated this by ensuring her food was served without cutlery, as her preference was to use her hands, as is the custom in India. This was something the staff didn’t understand at first, especially as she could not use the knife and fork, and were concerned about her eating by hand, but with training and support the staff understand and appreciate why she does this, and are supporting her to continue. The staff observed that she began to enjoy eating and looks forward to meal times, and is able to eat independently, without staff intervention. We also support her to continue wearing traditional saris. We have incorporated her life history in the care plan, so the staff can discuss home with her, and things she enjoyed. The resident is now a lot happier, and leading a more fulfilled life as a result of the staff training and wider knowledge in this area. 

I warmly welcome your teams contribution and the facilitative approach they use to encourage our team to think outside of the box!  

So thank you again 

Abein Rajan, Registered Manager Norbury Residential Care Home

Delegate Feedback

"The course has been outstanding. The Key Lines of Enquiry have been explained in layman's terms. All staff were given the chance to participate, reminding us about caring, understanding, listening and empathy."

"Such a good course. It has equipped me to be more confident when delivering the service. I feel more knowledgeable in what I'm required to do in order to give the bet service. Also what is required by CQC."

"I absolutely enjoyed the course. Working in a person centered way is quite broad and the trainer was able to covered this extensively."

"This training is one of it's kind. I really gained a lot and will definitely put more effort into putting all I have learned into practice."

"I really liked this training because the trainer explained everything, making time to answer everyone's questions. Thank you Alium - I hope to see you again!."

"I particularly liked the fact that the trainer was not just delivering the training materials but was keen on finding ways of solving our problems. She was so positive and aimed for excellence."

"The Alium trainer was very passionate about what she does as well as efficient and this was very helpful as it made me want to give my job the very best I can. thank you for instilling such confidence."

"Today's training was really fantastic. I would like to see more of this in future because it is more explanatory and specific. We were not just left to read notes but instead everything was explained until we understood it. Fabulous - thank you!"

"Thank you Alium for what you have Put together for us. It has been very useful and made us more open and able to express myself without fear. Thumbs up!"

"The training was very good. I like the way it was delivered and will take what I have learned and put it into practice. Well done! Continue to do what you are doing because it will help to improve people's lives both professionally and personally."

"Fantastic training course. Highly recommended for other staff."

"Thank you to Alium for all your hard work. You have really shown us how to communicate professionally. Personally the training has also taught me how to be 'soft' and approachable when communicating."

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