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Skills for Care Fully Funded Programmes from Alium Care Training


Alium Care Training is endorsed by Skills for Care as a Centre of Excellence for care training

Alium Care Training is delighted to offer the newly launched SKILLS FOR CARE CPD (Continuing Professional Development) MODULES. The combination of these three modules will equip managers with the knowledge and skills required to lead and develop performance of team members plus lead by example to ensure high-quality services are delivered.
The three modules will be delivered in one day and incorporate the following essential areas:

Understanding Performance Management

Understanding Self-management Skills

Understanding Workplace Culture

Alium Care Training is endorsed by Skills for Care as a ‘Centre of Excellence’


Alium use a range of delivery methods to ensure that all training is highly impactful, fully effective and leaves delegates with a clear action plan for application of learnings within their working practices. This includes interactive tutor-led virtual classrooms with break out rooms where delegates have the opportunity to share experiences, network and learn from each other (as would be experienced with face to face delivery). We also offer onsite face to face training (where guidance permits) and provide a blended approach of these delivery methods.

Skills for Care CPD Modules - Fully Funded and delivered by Alium Care Training

Quality Training that supports outstanding compliance


We can support you to access the full funding for this programme, so please contact us or Tel: 0203 4189 717 


23rd May 2022
28th May 2022

Price: £375 (reimbursed by WDF) for 1 day course covering all modules

Kindly note funding is only applicable in England

The three modules will be delivered in one day and incorporate the following essential areas:-

  • Understanding Performance Management
  • Understanding Self-management Skills
  • Understanding Workplace Culture

Understanding Performance Management:

As a manager, it’s important to understand and appraise the performance of team members. The CPD module focuses on the knowledge that people perform differently and the tools and techniques available in performance management. It also helps managers understand the performance management cycle. The module is designed to help managers connect with their peers. The practical strategies and behaviours learner will be applicable to their day-to-day work and they will be challenged to put these into practice.

What will be Learned:

The programme is split into the following objectives:

  • Understanding the performance management cycle including processes for managing different types of performance
  • Understanding of disciplinary and grievance, causes of poor performance and how to minimise them
  • Awareness of strategies to improve performance
  • Awareness of managing and retaining high performing staff
  • Understand how to give feedback and manage difficult conversations
  • Understanding effective role modelling, coaching and mentoring

Understanding Self-Management Skills

elf-management is an essential part of a management strategy. If a manager is to lead by example, they have to hold themselves to the standards they set for team members. This CPD module helps managers tackle isolation, manage time, build resilience and ensure wellbeing. It includes practical tools and techniques that managers can use as part of their day-to-day management style.

What will be Learned:

The programme is split into the following objectives:

  • Awareness of the impact of your own beliefs and values
  • Understanding self-management, self-awareness and confidence
  • Understanding integrity and how actions & words influence others
  • Awareness of cultures that foster resilience
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • How to deal with pressure and stress using well-being strategies including delegation
  • Awareness of time management, techniques and tools.

Understanding Workplace Culture

Every workplace has its own culture. This is the character and personality of the workplace and it can affect the behaviour and attitudes of employees and those receiving care. This CPD module helps managers to explore the links between vision, values, and culture. It also provides practical tools and techniques that can be used in the day-to-day management of a care environment.

This CPD module will help managers to explore the critical links between vision, values and culture, providing practical support to influence change and develop the culture of their service.

What will be Learned:

The programme is split into the following objectives:

  • Develop a clear understanding of what culture is
  • Understanding the relationship between culture, values and vision
  • Understanding approaches for assessing culture and steering action
  • Understanding simple rules for turning values into action
  • Understanding nudge as applied to head, heart and environment
  • Awareness of a range of nudge activities for developing culture


    1. Register and / or make sure your ASC – WDF records are fully up to date via their website: Should you need our support to do this then contact us on or call us on 0203 4189717
    2. Print off the one page WDF report as confirmation of your compliance.
    3. Select preferred dates, book and pay for your ‘Skills for Care Fully Funded Programmes’ via the Alium Care Training website –
    4. Register your business and above booked courses with a WDF partnership as costs of the programmes will be refunded to you directly via your selected WDF partnership. If you need support with this then please contact us.
    5. Certificates of attendance will be forwarded from Alium Care Training to the allocated individual that was originally identified on the booking form, once the programme has been fully completed.


A few examples of the overall comments are shown below:

“Would like all training to be taught this way – very effective!”

“Great training – will be taking so much information to move me forward in managing my skills.”

“Professionally delivered, treated respectfully.”

“Couldn’t have asked for a better training session.”

“It was a brilliant learning course.”

“Great course, better than expected, personable and knowledgeable tutor.”

“I really enjoyed this course and have taken so much away.”

Many of the delegates also recognised the personal contribution of the two tutors involved:

“Trainer was superb – kept everyone engaged and involved.”

“Trainer had great passion and knowledge, managed to get a quiet group talking.”

“Well led by a lovely lady who is so happy to help.”

“Taught to an amazing standard.”

Whilst a large proportion of the less experienced delegates saw the biggest gains in terms of knowledge and skills development; enthusiasm about their learnings; there was some very positive feedback from the more senior and experienced delegates:

“I enjoyed recapping and refreshing my knowledge.”

“Overall good refresher of leadership and management.”

“I’ve learnt so much even though I have been managing for ten years.”

“I found this course excellent . . . it’s just what I needed.”

“I feel refreshed and motivated, ready to go back to work with new ideas.”


Alium Care Training carries out post-training reviews and analysis to make sure that our courses are on-point, engaging and benefit all.   3 general questions were asked in the feedback from delegates, to assess the quality of the training provided (scores out of 10, where 1 is poor and 10 excellent), with the following responses:

Did the trainer support to understand the topic?    Average rating 9.7

Did you understand the practical elements of the programme?  Average rating 9.5

Overall, did the session meet the outcomes stated?  Average 9.7

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